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I had the opportunity to work with Nath at his creative agency Rolig in several projects. He has a good mix of creative mind and strategic point of view which enables brands to have an effective communication, notable conversions and a unique image. He is driven by passion and constant learning. By working with Nath, you will be surrounded by inspiration and measurable results.

Ligia Rolim

Retail Expert, Wisar

I’ve been a client for 2 years already. They have created “Fabrick” as a Brand and now they are taking care of the day-by-day communication. Brilliant professionals and big ideas. Rolig accepts criticism as an active element of growth and they are always seeking for solutions and alternatives. You can expect absolute honesty and transparency from Nath, Rolig’s “go-to-person”.

Mauricio Juliá

CEO, Fabrick Barcelona

We have worked with Nath Lilienfeld when setting up our business. He is very good in understanding the objectives of the company and translates this in a branding that works. Almost 5 years later I am still happy with the branding set up and use it everyday.

Marieke Severens

Owner, Pontarte

Nath is a highly-skilled brand creator. He follows the industry’s best practices and he’s always pushing himself to keep improving. He applies his lean branding concepts to himself, his flagship company Rolig and their customers. I’d recommend working with him.

Eduard Jubany

Growth Strategist.



Strong Brand stories satisfy consumers’ aspirations with a well-designed brand experience. Your product should work and unfold well. Defining your Brand personality gives us a better idea of how we should face the customer. It gives voice to your Brand.


It takes as short as 50 milliseconds to make a first impression. Colors,  words, images, shapes and their combinations activate deep psychological associations, and their combinations can be used strategically to influence consumer perception.


Strategy is about building effective communication channels to grow your brand. This can help you acquire customers and guide them down to the desired action path. Always monitoring and acquiring data to support our decisions.

Execution & Management

Social Media Marketing

There’s a conversation out there regarding your Brand. You can either listen to it or join it. Sincerely; you’d better join it. Since everything our brand does communicate, we will pay special attention to the tone, channel and content of the communications.

Brand Management

Looking after your brand in everyday affairs and its management in all the communication channels at our disposal will lead us to the creation of an effective plan of action that brings coherence and unity to all communications carried out around your brand.

Analysis & Learning

We love taking informed decisions. That’s why we constantly support a Brand’s Agenda with analytics as the only manner to learn if we are reaching the objectives. And if we are not, to move fast towards a better strategy.

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